Spondylolisthesis (Lumbar or Neck Shift) Treatment

The spine consists of a series of interconnected bones, each of which is called vertebra. Almost 5% of the adult population may have at least one developmental fracture on the bones conjoining the upper and lower joints of the lower-back vertebrae. The fracture may occur on one or both sides of the vertebra. These fractures […]

Lumbar and Thoracic Vertebra Fracture Treatment

Spine is the term referring to the bone arrangement starting from the head and stretching towards the tail end. Not only enabling our body to maintain an upright posture but also protecting the spinal cord, the spine’s anatomy is generally studied under 3 parts; neck, back and waist. Underneath the lumbar vertebrae lies the sacrum […]

Cervical Vertebra Fracture Treatment

The neck fractures are more important than other fractures that may one’s body suffer. Because the neck area is like a significant intersection through which the tracks facilitating the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Therefore, treated, the potential damages may increase the risk of death. Neck fractures are usually caused […]

Childhood Spinal Illnesses

33 bones – called vertebrae – carries the whole load of human body. The main frame formed by these vertebrae is called “spine.” In healthy humans, the vertebrae are arranged in a line and in an alignment with the head and feet. Depending on a person’s posture the spine is slightly inclined to inwards around […]

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Spinal channel tightness is a condition that develops as a result of tightening of the spaces between the vertebra. It may cause a stress on the nerves passing through the spinal cord. A common disease, spinal stenosis is mostly observed in the lower back and neck. While some patients display no symptoms, others may experience […]

Pelvis Fracture Treatment

The term pelvis refers to the round and solid bones situated at the bottom of the spine. Pelvis holds plenty of nerves and blood vessels. Also, a section of the bowels, reproductive organs, and bladder are in the pelvis. Therefore, it is possible that other tissues, blood vessels or organs may suffer from damage in […]

Spinal Injection Treatment

The ligament covering the spine may wear down due to bad posture, weight gain or an awkward step; as a result, that may lay the ground for developing conditions having a serious impact on one’s life. The most common symptom of the diseases such as scoliosis, kyphosis, herniated disk and neck, lordosis, spondylolisthesis is pain. […]

Kyphosis Surgeries

Kyphosis is a condition in which the backbone is inclined to forward. Normally, the kyphosis angle is between 20 and 55 degrees. One of the most important causes of the hunchback complaint is postural kyphosis. Although, in most cases the patient may stand upright on demand or once warned. As for the cases of congenital […]

Congenital Spine Illnesses

The spine – i.e. columna vertebralis – is a bone structure consisting of vertebrae and containing the spinal cord. The vertebrae are firmly interconnected to one another in the form of a supportive structure that enables bending of the body. The most common spine diseases occur around the waist area. However, such diseases may also […]

Endoscopic Spine Surgery (UBE)

Endoscopic surgery is the surgical method that is used for treating a condition occurred any part a condition occurred any part of the body by opening a small hole and using advanced imaging systems. During the surgical intervention, the area of the disease is projected onto a screen and the visual space will be amplified […]