Frequently Asked Questions About Scoliosis Surgery

What are the reasons of scoliosis? Idiopathic (unknown) and congenital (emerged in uterus) are frequently encountered reasons for scoliosis. Lack of some vitamin/elements, cerebral palsy, polio, muscular dystrophy can lead to scoliosis. How can scoliosis be treated? Scoliosis can be treated as both surgical and conservative (nonsurgical). What is the ratio of success in scoliosis […]

Lumbar Disk Hernia Surgery Treatment

In the first chapter of this series we provided a general perspective on the lumbar disk hernia treatment by giving a summary of the condition. Click here to read the first chapter. In this chapter, we are going to focus on the closed lumbar disk hernia surgery – i.e. endoscopic lumbar disk hernia surgery – […]

A General Perspective on the Lumbar Disk Hernia Treatment

In this series, we are going to explain the most curious matters about the lumbar disk hernia based on the information provided by Prof. Dr. Hayati Aygün, M.D., Specialist of Orthopedics and Traumatology during his appearance in the TV show called “Sağlıklı Günler” (Healthy Days). We would like to begin the series by giving “a […]